Green Tea Benefits and side effects! Let’s check it out

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We All Heard A Lot About Green Tea nutrition and benefits  But Does It Really that good or is just a myth. Today we are going to find out a lot about Green Tea. You have already checked a lot of sites but still confused about a lot of things. Here we provide the exact piece of information which you looking for.

1. Green Tea Nutrition

Green Tea Nutrition

Green tea consists of Camellia sinensis, alkaloids, and polyphenols. It is true that Green tea consists of caffeine but it does not affect you in any harm way. No matter what’s your daily routine everyone should consider drinking green tea. You can count it as food to reduce body fat, cholesterol and it’s also available as organic oolong tea which is really great.

2. Prevent Tumor

Prevent Tumor

Yes according to National Cancer Institute it helps to decrease tumor size. While drinking green tea daily it cleanses the body internally and it so effective that you can totally feel the difference. If you facing a huge tumor issue then take some green tea dietary supplements then congratulations! by the time you heard again about the tumor, it’s already gone.

3. Body Fat

Body Fat


Everyone is facing an issue nowadays, which is excessive Body Fat and everyone expecting a guy with 6 pack abs and a girl with a slim belly. Excessive fat can leads to various diseases like Sugar, Chelorsteral, Heart problems etc so it’s better to cut the excess fat. Green tea really helps in cutting excessive fat very easily and there is a lot of Japanese green tea for weight loss but here’s a catch. It only helps to increase fat burning hormones. Drinking green tea on daily basis with a little bit of exercise then soon you’ll be fit and free of fat.

4. Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Skin issues really piss everyone off no matter what you are wearing if your skin doesn’t look good then it’s good for nothing. Everyone has different skin diseases and problems. Different skin requires different treatment which a lot of expensive creams and lotions and who knows are they good or not for long term. But don’t worry Green tea is rich in antioxidants which clear your skin and gives you fresh and glowing skin. Whether your skin is oily or dry t works and green tea is an organic tea so forget about side effects. Again it’s an organic product so the results are slow but something is better than nothing.

5. Sometimes Cause Stomach Issues

Stomach Issues

Everything works well until it goes beyond the limit same with the green tea. Drinking green tea is really effective but if you keep drinking it like 4-5 times a day then get ready for some stomach pain. Tannins present in green tea which increase stomach acid and then results in pain, nauseous feeling or cause constipation. It’s better to keep it in the limit. It is really effective for the girls while periods it helps to relief from cramps and pain.

6. Say Bye to Cholesterol problems

Cholesterol problems

Green Tea consists of various antioxidants, According to some researches, antioxidants may help to decrease cholesterol. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that green tea significantly reduces total cholesterol, including LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Drink green tea and eat junk food without any cholesterol problems.

7. Diabetes And Treatment

Diabetes And Treatment

Is diabetes considered a disease, some consider it as a disease some don’t. According to us, it’s a disease if you’re careless about diet and sugar level. No matter if you are a kid, youngster or an old person being careless about your sugar level then in no time diabetics found you.


As it contains caffeine and tannins so I prefer not to consume it whoever is suffering from Liver, Blood pressure, Diarrhoea and stomach problems.Anyone who’s not facing these problems go-a-head and try Green Tea.

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