Hair loss treatment with simple steps

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Everyone loves their hair but all these styling products damage our hair . Don’t worry we are here for you .

From today onwards, you are free to style your hair without any second thought about hair loss.

Let’s take a look at the Factors & Remedies which affect our hair first.

Lack of Vitamins

You heard it right if your body is low on vitamins then you are about to have hair fall. We know everyone hates food with tasteless vitamins.

What about meat, fish, eggs, strawberries, milkshakes everyone love them right. So get ready to eat something which is tasty and a solution for hair loss.


Stress is a huge factor for hair loss, no matter if it’s physical or mental stress. Don’t take stress just enjoy your surrounding and keep smiling.

Over styling

We know you are a style icon and always hungry for a new style. But it is recommended to take some time gap between new styles. It helps your hair to overcome from any problems without any effort of yours.


You could lose your hair if you consume steroids. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, steroids can impact your hair conditions. Don’t worry it will improve after going off the drug.


Wash and conditioning hair on the regular interval can improve their growth, shine and decrease hair loss problems. No matter if you are using styling wax or gel just wash and condition hair on regular interval for better results.


If you consuming any prescription then don’t worry sometimes hair loss happens due to medicines. The condition will improve after going off the medicines.

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