Top 10 fat burning remedies

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Are you looking for fat burning remedies? Today we provide the best treatment for belly fat, Top 10 fat burning remedies as per Dietitian’s & Experts.

Here are the Fat burning details:

1. Hot Water

 The human body consists of around 80% of water, just drink 1ltr hot water and it will cleanse the body through and you can lose belly fat naturally at home.


2. Increase Intake Of Fiber Food

If you wanted to reduce body fat at a high rate then you need to focus on intake of high fiber food such as Whole-grain oats, Barley, Raspberries, Sweet potatoes etc. Fiber binds with fat and sugar molecules as they travel through via digestive tract, which decreases the number of calories you actually get and not only fill you up quicker and keep you satisfied long-drawn.


Steep water then adds ginger, honey, and pepper. Cook it for around 5 minutes. Honey helps in melting the fat while ginger and pepper will boost the metabolic rate.

4.Green tea

Green tea really helps you to increase fat burning hormones. Drinking green tea on daily basis with a little bit of exercise then soon you’ll be fit and free of fat.


Drinking lemon juice on the regular basis will surely reduce the belly fat quickly. Add lemon juice in a glass of water. Also, combine a pinch of salt. Mix it well. Drink this every’s also a famous indian home remedy to lose weight fast.

6. Beans

Consumption of beans frequently helps in decreasing the belly fat. Beans are loaded with fibers, which make your stomach full, with fewer calories. The fewer calories you will absorb, the less would be the possibilities of getting fat.

7.Sleep at least 7 hours a night

If you’re not sleeping well then it raises levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which creates fat storage. In a study of 6,000 participants, Japanese researchers found that insufficient amounts of sleep were linked with higher BMI levels and bigger waistlines in men.


Almond is a rich source of vitamin E. Consumption of almonds gets you full for a long period, hence you eat less and consequently you’re excess fat-free.

9.Strength training

Strength training is a type of exercise where your muscles against resistance. It builds muscle mass and improves can also consider it as a fat burning exercise.


Cardio is the most common form of exercise for lungs and liver but if added it your daily routine with some proper diet then it’ll be your fat burning workout.


Excess fat burning is not a big deal if you focused on your diet with a little bit of control over body rest then anyone can surely be lean and fit.

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